Custom Jewelry Design

  • Custom, hand-made jewelry design for engagement rings, wedding and anniversary bands, heirloom jewelry re-designing, gemstones and semi-precious stones, and designs for any other occasion
  • Detailed jewelry appraisals
  • Quality and budget-friendly jewelry repair services
  • Thorough cleaning and quality checks
  • Upgrades/Trade-ins
  • Free Wish List creation – Stop in and create yours so gift givers know your style! We will create a personal file for you and will have it handy when someone comes in to shop for you.


In-House Jewelry Repair Services

Have the comfort of knowing that your items are worked on in our showroom rather than being sent out. Much like our design process, our jewelry repair services are custom to our clients’ unique needs. We offer detailed, precision evaluation of all broken jewelry using magnification tools such as a jeweler’s loupe or a microscope. We perform delicate repairs using torch or laser welding techniques, depending on the materials and condition of the piece. Our laser welder allows us to make repairs on heat sensitive or delicate items which would not be repairable with a torch. Set an appointment to visit or submit an inquiry for a free repair consultation.


Jewelry Cleaning

All customers enjoy free lifetime cleaning and quality checking of their jewelry items. We take walk-ins for this service at any time, so feel free to stop on by during our business hours. Stone tightening and metal polishing can be done for a fee (varies by item).


Jewelry Upgrades

Turn your outdated jewelry into something new, including resetting a diamond or gemstone, updating a family heirloom, refreshing your jewelry finish, and more. Set an appointment to visit or submit an inquiry for a free design consultation.